Episode 24

Fast reverse geocoding with offline-geocoder by Roberto Rmoero

This geocoding gem comes with 138,000 cities so that you don't have to hit the network using geocoder gem to geocode in your web apps. The only downside is that it comes with only one method, search that takes latitude and longitude. You cannot provide a IP and get it's location data.

Rails Camp USA WestMark your calendar, Rails Camp USA is coming to Golden Colorado from Sept 1 - 4, 2017. Rails Camp is a retreat for the software and design community to meet and learn from each other while getting out of the city to unplug around the campfire. The cost is $380 for general admission.

Bundler and Gemfile Best Practices by Florian Munz

It’s very easy for your Gemfile to accumulate more and more cruft. Especially in a team with multiple developers. You can end up in a web of outdated dependencies, old gems that are actually not needed anymore and Rails processes taking 100s of megabytes of RAM. It only takes a little bit of effort to improve things. Taking care of your Gemfile with basic hygiene and some ongoing love will make life for future you much easier.

LiteCable : A Rails-free Lightweight ActionCable implementation by Vladimir Dementyev

Lightweight ActionCable implementation. Contains application logic (channels, streams, broadcasting) and also (optional) Rack hijack based server (suitable only for development and test due to its simplicity). Compatible with AnyCable (for production usage).

Spreadsheet Architect by Weston Ganger

SpreadsheetArchitect lets you turn any activerecord relation or ruby object collection into a XLSX, ODS, or CSV spreadsheet.

How To Add Active Admin to a Rails 5 API Application by Carlos Ramirez III

Rails 5 makes it easy to build a beautiful and clean API, but when data starts flowing you need an easy way to visualize and manage it. This article shows how to use ActiveAdmin for Rails 5 API only apps.

An Easier Way to Think About self by Starr Horne

The self always points to the object which owns the currently running code. This article explains self with some examples.

Underlock by Jasdeep Singh

Underlock makes it dead simple to encrypt and decrypt your data and files. It comes with little to no dependencies and has a very small API surface.

Flutterby by Hendrik Mans

The flutterrific static site generation toolkit. Use Markdown, Sass, Slim, and many more! Add JSON, YAML or TOML data files and render them to HTML! Add a dash of Ruby here and there, or go full-on crazy with it!

Blazer Gem by Piotr Misiurek

Blazer is a gem that makes business intelligence simple. It allows you to execute SQL queries on your database from the web panel and visualize the data in a convenient and clear way. If you are not good at SQL you can ask your dev team to write some fundamental queries. Save them and use them on your own.

Developer Conference 2017The Developer Conference is from Feb 11 to Feb 16. This conference has hackathons, talks and workshops. The topics range from micro services, NodeJS, docker, react, angular, swagger, AWS, artificial intelligence and more. Some of the interesting talks are Build a serverless chat bot with on-deman AI webserives by Josh Marinacci, Developer workflow challenges for applications in a containerized world and more. If you are looking for a job you can attend developer hiring mixer on monday Feb 13th at 5 pm.