Import Records from CSV and Excel in Rails 5

We will continue working on the project we created in Exporting Records in CSV and Excel Formats in Rails 5. Add:

gem 'roo'

to Gemfile and run bundle. In products/index.html.erb, add file upload field:

<h2>Import Products</h2>
<%= form_tag import_products_path, multipart: true do %>
  <%= file_field_tag :file %>
  <%= submit_tag "Import" %>
<% end %>

Define route to import data from the uploaded file.

resources :products do
  collection do
    post :import

This defines the following route.

import_products POST   /products/import(.:format)   products#import

Implement import action in products controller.

def import

  redirect_to root_url, notice: 'Products imported.'

This gives the error:

uninitialized constant Roo::Csv





In product model, change:

spreadsheet =

We get the error, ActiveRecord::NotFound exception. Change the import line that finds a record like this:

product = find_by(id: row["id"]) || new

The entire method now looks like this:

def self.import(file)
  spreadsheet =
  header = spreadsheet.row(1)
  (2..spreadsheet.last_row).each do |i|
    row = Hash[[header, spreadsheet.row(i)].transpose]
    product = find_by(id: row["id"]) || new
    product.attributes = row.to_hash!

Make sure to name the headers have the same value as the column name in the database, so the header should be id, name and released_on. Delete this:

def self.open_spreadsheet(file)
  case File.extname(file.original_filename)
  when ".csv" then, nil, :ignore)
  when ".xls" then, nil, :ignore)
  when ".xlsx" then, nil, :ignore)
  else raise "Unknown file type: #{file.original_filename}"

This uses Roo Gem version 2.4.0. The railscast uses Roo gem 1.10.1. You can download the code for this article from exp.

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