Model Name in URL in Rails 5


Step 1

Override to_param in product model.

def to_param


def permalink
  name.gsub(/[^a-z1-9]+/i, '-')

We replace any non-alphanumeric character with a hyphen.

Step 2

Let's create some sample data to play with our app in seeds.rb.

p = 'rug', price: 100)
Product.create(name: 'big bowl', price: 20.95)
Product.create(name: 'pillow', price: 90)
Product.create(name: 'light', price: 10.95)

c = Category.create(name: 'Clothes')
Category.create(name: 'Furniture')
Category.create(name: 'Groceries')
Category.create(name: 'Electronics')

p.categories << c!

Run rake db:seed.

Step 3

Browse to http://localhost:3000/products and click on show for any product. You will now see product name in the URL. From a Railscast fan:

Note that you DON'T want to use underscore as the separator between the id and the permalink, if you rely on String#to_i. If you use _ and the permalink part begins with a number, you could get e.g. 123_456blah, and 123_456blah.to_i is 123456, not the expected 123. This is because _ can be used in Ruby to make numbers more readable.

This means you also need to make sure there is no underscore character in the product name field for any products.


In this article, you learned how easy it is to make the URL search engine friendly in Rails 5.

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