Tag View Helpers in Rails 5

Let's play in the IRB console to learn about content_tag and tag view helpers in Rails 5.

Single Tag

 > helper.content_tag(:p, 'Hello World!')
 => "<p>Hello World!</p>" 

Nested Tag with One Class

 > helper.content_tag(:div, helper.content_tag(:p, 'Hello world!'), class: 'strong')
 => "<div class=\"strong\"><p>Hello world!</p></div>" 

Nested Tags with Multiple Classes

 > helper.content_tag(:div, 'Hello world!', class: ['strong', 'highlight'])
 => "<div class=\"strong highlight\">Hello world!</div>" 

Multiple Selection

 > helper.content_tag('select', 'options', multiple: true)
 => "<select multiple=\"multiple\">options</select>" 

Difference Between Blank and nil Class

 > helper.content_tag(:div, 'Hello world!', class: '')
 => "<div class=\"\">Hello world!</div>" 

 > helper.content_tag(:div, 'Hello world!', class: nil)
 => "<div>Hello world!</div>" 

Empty Html Elements Using Tag Helper

 > helper.tag('br')
 => "<br />" 

 > helper.tag('img')
 => "<img />" 

 > helper.tag('input')
 => "<input />" 

Using collect in Nested content_tag

 > array = %w(a b c)
 => ["a", "b", "c"] 

 helper.content_tag :div do
     array.collect {|letter| helper.content_tag(:scan, letter) }
 => "<div></div>" 

This does not work as expected. Expected output:


We can make it work like this:

helper.content_tag :div do
  array.collect do |item|
    helper.content_tag(:scan, item)
 => "<div><scan>a</scan><scan>b</scan><scan>c</scan></div>" 

We can add a class to the div tag like this:

 => "<div><scan>a</scan><scan>b</scan><scan>c</scan></div>" 
helper.content_tag(:div, class: 'active') do
  array.collect do |item|
    helper.content_tag(:li, item)
=> "<div class=\"active\"><li>a</li><li>b</li><li>c</li></div>" 

You can also use reduce instead of collect.

helper.content_tag(:div, nil, class: 'some-class') do
 array.reduce('') do |c, x|
   c << helper.content_tag(:li, x)
=> "<div class=\"some-class\"><li>a</li><li>b</li><li>c</li></div>" 

Using each with content_tag

To use each we have to use concat in combination with content_tag like this:

helper.content_tag(:ul, class: 'a class') do
  array.each do |item|
    helper.concat(helper.content_tag(:li, item))
 => "<ul class=\"a class\"><li>a</li><li>b</li><li>c</li></ul>" 

Conditional in content_tag

 active_item = true
 > helper.content_tag(:div, 'Hello World', class: ('active' if active_item))
 => "<div class=\"active\">Hello World</div>" 

Appending to Form the Result

 > content = helper.content_tag(:tr, 'first item')
 => "<tr>first item</tr>" 
 > content << helper.content_tag(:tr, 'second item')
 => "<tr>first item</tr><tr>second item</tr>" 


In this article, you learned how to use tag and content_tag view helpers in Rails 5.

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