Custom REST Actions in Rails 5


Step 1

There are 7 standard actions provided by resources declaration in the routes.rb.

resources :tasks

Step 2

The index page displays all the tasks. For completed tasks, define a completed method:

def completed
  @tasks = Task.where(complete: false)  

This finds all the completed tasks.

Step 3

Go to complete view in the browser http://localhost:3000/completed. It will not work. Delete this:

before_action :set_task, only: [:show, :edit, :update, :destroy]

Try again. The error is:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in TasksController#show
Couldn't find Task with 'id'=completed

Step 4

Change the routes.rb to allow complete action for task resource.

get 'completed', to: 'tasks#completed', as: :completed_tasks

Step 5

$ rake routes | grep tasks

The installed routes are:

          tasks GET    /tasks(.:format)             tasks#index
                POST   /tasks(.:format)             tasks#create
       new_task GET    /tasks/new(.:format)         tasks#new
      edit_task GET    /tasks/:id/edit(.:format)    tasks#edit
           task GET    /tasks/:id(.:format)         tasks#show
                PATCH  /tasks/:id(.:format)         tasks#update
                PUT    /tasks/:id(.:format)         tasks#update
                DELETE /tasks/:id(.:format)         tasks#destroy
completed_tasks GET    /completed(.:format)         tasks#completed

Step 6

Go to completed view in the browser by browsing to http://localhost:3000/completed. In the log file, you can see that nothing was rendered.

Started GET "/completed" for ::1 at 2016-03-23 17:47:54 -0700
Processing by TasksController#completed as HTML
No template found for TasksController#completed, rendering head :no_content
  Task Load (0.1ms)  SELECT "tasks".* FROM "tasks" WHERE "tasks"."complete" = ?  [["complete", true]]
Completed 204 No Content in 20ms (ActiveRecord: 0.1ms)

Step 7

Define completed.html.erb:

<h1>Completed Tasks</h1>


      <% for task in @tasks %>
        <div class='task'>
            <strong> <%= %> </strong>
        <%= link_to 'Edit', edit_task_path(task) %>
      <% end %>

Step 8

Add a link to completed tasks in the index page.

<%= link_to "Completed Tasks", completed_tasks_path %>

Step 9

Implement the complete action:

def complete
  @task = Task.find(params[:id])  
  @task.update_attribute(:complete, true)
  flash[:notice] = 'marked task as complete'

  redirect_to completed_tasks_path

Step 10

Define the routes for marking a task as complete.

put 'complete/:id', to: 'tasks#complete', as: :complete_task

Step 11

Add the link to mark a task as complete in index page:

<%= link_to 'Mark as Complete', complete_task_path(task), method: :put %>

Step 12

Browse to http://localhost:3000/tasks. Click on 'Mark as Complete' to mark a task as complete. It shows up in completed tasks page


In this article, you learned how to use custom REST actions in Rails 5.

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