How to Create Sprite Images using Compass Rails Gem in Rails 4.2.5


Step 1

Create a new rails project.

Step 2

Copy icons to app/assets/images/icons folder.

Step 3

Create a sprites folder in app/assets/images folder

Step 4

Add gem compass-rails to Gemfile. Run:


Step 5

Rename application.css to application.scss.

Step 6

Create your resource.

rails g scaffold article title:string content:text

Step 7

Add, the following to app/assets/stylesheets/articles.scss file.

@import "compass/utilities/sprites";
@import "icons/*.png";
@include all-icons-sprites;

Read the compass gem home page to learn more about these declarations.

Step 8

In production.rb, enable assets and configure the folder where the generated sprite images should be stored.

config.assets.enabled = true
config.compass.generated_images_dir = app/assets/images/sprites

You can also add it to development.rb for testing locally in development environment.

Step 9


rake assets:precompile

Step 10

You will see the generated sprite file in app/assets/images/sprites folder. Add app/assets/images/sprites/* to .gitignore file.

Sample source code can be downloaded from


In this article, you learned how to use compass-rails gem to generate sprite images for Rails 4.2.5 apps. It reduces the number of files to download from a server and therefore improves the performance.

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