Basic TDD in Rails : Cleanup


To delete unnecessary files in our codebase.


Step 1

Run :

$rake spec.

Step 2

Open coverage/index.html. We have 100% coverage.

Step 3

As you look at the reports, you can see we don't need some of the files like welcome_helper.rb and article_helper.rb. We can delete them if we don't need them.

You may be thinking, 'Why did we not write any tests for the show and delete articles?'. I wrote only feature specs. The feature specs is mostly used to cover the happy path. We also don't want overlapping tests. We want to test a particular thing only once. We want minimal number of tests that can give us confidence about our code.

Step 4

Delete articles_helper and welcome_helper.rb and the corresponding specs. Delete welcome/index.html.erb_spec.rb.


We cleaned up our codebase by deleting rails generated unnecessary files.

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